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ISimTec LLC can provide the following services to customers in the USA

Oasys Software (for full details please click here)
The complete Oasys LS-DYNA peripheral software suite comprises:
Primer: Specifically designed for use in creating, updating and maintaining LS-DYNA models.
D3Plot: Visual results examination tool, allowing data extraction for stress/strain/etc. (includes link to T/His application)
T/His: XY plotting program that reads both LS-DYNA binary and ASCII output and allows user a wide range of functions to manipulate data (i.e. math functions/filtering/injury extraction/etc.)
Reporter: ‘Automated’ post-processing tool that uses templates and scripting.
Shell: Provides users with a central location for access to the Oasys applications and includes options for LS-DYNA job submission.

Finite Element Models (for full details please click here)
We provide a range of barrier models that cover the main crash tests for both US Federal and European regulations and consumer tests such as IIHS and Euro NCAP. These models have been developed in collaboration with the manufacturer of the aluminum honeycomb barriers. Automobile manufacturers today also have to meet more rigorous standards for pedestrian protection; ISimTec can supply pedestrian head and leg finite element models compatible with European and Japanese regulations.

We offer training for all of the Oasys LS-DYNA environment software components; which would be carried out at customers facilities (minimum three trainees); written costs can be supplied upon request. Classes can be full or ½ day duration depending upon course content; all classes can be individually tailored to your needs.

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